Background Information and Issues

Simonstone Parish Council Background Information and Issues

1)over half of the Councillors have been on the Council for around a year or less.
2)We are working with the residents and local business people to develop a Parish Plan
which will inform our priorities and Parish Plan for the future
3)We inherited some issues regarding house access and parking around school times
on School Lane and the understanding and enforcement of the planning criteria for the
Outdoor Elements development on Trapp Lane.We have been perturbed at the apparent
lack of support by RVBC in this particular issue.

4)Pending the outcome of the Parish Plan development and consultation,it is probably
fair to say that our policies/priorities are to make Simonstone a Better,Safer village.So we
care about the condition and preservation of the built and natural environment and the
wellbeing and safety of our residents.
Recent initiatives,during the last year include
a)planted flower beds at the South end of Simonstone Lane
b)”Jubilee” bench ordered for midway along Trapp Lane
c)4 SPID Sites (shared with Sabden PC) Installed along Simonstone Lane and Whalley
d)Donation to “Little Green Bus” for dial a ride for villagers.
e)Active Parish website ,new/revamped notice boards to inform /involve the public.
f)Attendance of Read and Simonstone Youth Council at Parish meetings
g)Joint Read and Simonstone Jubilee Gala with Read PC
h)Support to Joint Childrens and Under 18s “Play”facility with Read PC
i)plus Parish Christmas Party for Senior Citizens

5)Amongst the issues raised with us at the Parish Plan open event were;
a)pedestrian crossing/traffic calming of Whalley Road(Fountains area?)
b)potential for “sheltered accommodation” (many older residents living alone in large
family houses)
c)Maximum use of existing buildings but minimal new house building
d)Making good use of scope for economic development on” Time” site
e)Need for more facilities for younger residents
f)a Parish Hall
6Another matter of concern has been LCC failing to maintain the status of the former
railway line as a potential cycle lane in the Planning Review,thus militating against links
to the National Cycleway,Tourist access to South Ribble Valley,cycle access to industrial
sites and undermining a green barrier in the area.

Deputy Chairman David Peat