Information and Issues


The council is made up of eight members: Stephen Finn, Robert McKelvey and Clifton Pollard, who began their first full term as councillors in 2019, and joined David Peat (Chair), Graham Meloy (Deputy Chair), Greera Norse, Dr John Barker and Elisa Hargreaves.

The council is resolved to working with residents, businesses and landowners to create a strong and cohesive community.

The council continue to work to achieve the aims set out in the Parish Plan. The main issues which remain problematic revolve around the issues of road safety ie. traffic levels, speeding, parking  and the provision of additional pedestrian crossings.

There remains a strong need for facilities for younger residents.

The council will oppose large scale housing developments but support small scale schemes where provision is made for sheltered and affordable housing. 

We support the economic development on the Time and Fort Vale sites which provides employment opportunities in the area. 

At the council’s request recent developments on the Time site have had cycle access from the greenway installed as a condition of planning permission.

Progress has been made on the provision of dog waste and litter bins and footpath maintenance. We have also assisted in the creation of a wildflower area at the bottom of Simonstone Lane and worked with RVBC to install a new bus shelter at this location Bus shelter renewed.

The council continues to support the Little Green Bus, the dial a ride service for villagers, Citizens Advice, Martholme Greenway Group*, Read and Simonstone Community Tennis Club* and the recently formed Readstone Environment Group*. *contact details under Clubs and Societies

During the Covid lockdown we have been unable to hold a Christmas Party and Civic Sunday and money saved has been donated to St Peter’s CE Primary School for the provision of tablets.

The Greenway, with access from Simonstone Lane to Gooseleach Wood has been created and has made possible the establishment of a Forest school in Gooseleach Wood. Also Fort Vale are in the process of developing a woodland area on the southern boundary of the pathway. 

The council remains concerned that LCC’s failure to maintain the Greenway’s status in their transport plan could jeopardise the completion of Cycleway 685 from Burnley to Rishton. This would become an important link to the National Cycleway and afford tourist access to the Ribble Valley and cycle access to the industrial sites along the route.

The council continues to support Read and Simonstone Village Hall, which, along with the Community Café in the Constitutional club, have become a popular meeting places where residents of both villages can socialise.

With support from the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership we have renovated the heritage fingerpost at the Trapp Lane crossroads and plan to make improvements to the Public Right of Way network.

The council hope to hold future Civic Sundays and Senior Citizens parties in conjunction with Read Parish Council.

Clifton Pollard, February 2021